Come Meet Us!

BC Home + Garden Show 2019

The first few months of the year are exciting for so many reasons. Amidst the excitement is usually a surge of energy to revamp the home, do some spring cleaning, and just hit refresh on everything that isn't making you happy anymore.

It's a great opportunity to seek out new styles - and we've got you covered! 

The BC Home + Garden Show is one of our favourite ways to be able to interact with you and showcase some of our favourite items and styles. This year, you can catch us at the BC Home + Garden show from February 20 - 24 at BC Place Stadium.

Come say "Hi!" to us at Booth 2340!

Along with meeting some of our team, we'll be dishing out an exclusive sale for attendees. Like Chris Harrison says, "This is the most dramatic episode ever", I mean, this show will be the most epic show ever.

You definitely won't want to miss out on this! If you don't have your tickets yet, you can grab them here.

                           *You'll also save $2 if you purchase online*

            Not sure if you want to come? Allow me to give you the Pros and Cons:


  • You get to meet some super cool members of our team (and get told mediocre jokes)
  • We're offering seriously exclusive promos & sales to those who come to our booth
  • We're bringing along some of our favourite styles for you to test out (Including our Apex, Whistler, and Chaplin sofas/ sectionals, and our Ravenna storage bed)
  • We'll be doing a raffle to WIN a special item
  • Our booth is joined by our sister store, Q Living Furniture, so you'll get to see all different kinds of styles - and lots of outdoor furniture for the warmer months
  • If you've always thought getting from downtown to Richmond was too much, now's your chance to not have to!


  • Too much fun
  • Too many savings

 So, I guess it's settled. We'll see you there.

BC Home + Garden Show 2019