Comfy Cozy Home Inspiration! by LQ Furniture

The most comfortable couch you will sit on...try it out in our showroom today!

Are you in love with a certain oversized, feather-filled, deep seating, custom made sectional? Did you have a bit of a panic attack when you checked the price tag at a certain store similar in name to "Box and Tub"?

Benji Sectional, starting at $1999.99 on sale now!

Well panic no-more. We offer deep cozy seating in both our Canadian Custom Made and Import Collections! Get that cozy feeling for under $1999.99* at our Richmond location. We also have a floor model on sale for $3699.99, only used at our Home Show!

The Benji is one of our best-selling oversized couches from our import division. This sectional is available in two different colours and few different colours. Come in-store and check out all your options today!